If You have an Emergency, Don't Worry.

Emergency and Standby Power

Today’s world depends on power for uninterrupted data flow, communication and services. Businesses and institutions Egypt use standby power systems from Air Man United CO, for continuous operation and to comply with life and safety codes. Mission–critical operations also rely on our systems for 24/7 power reliability.

Peaking Power

Fast, flexible power solutions are needed to meet peak demand. For high-hour peaking, Air Man United offers lean-burn gas generator sets that feature low emissions and sound levels that comply with the most stringent standards. For seasonal or short-term peaking needs, we deliver fast, economical rental solutions.


Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is the production of two kinds of energy-usually electricity and heat-from a single source of fuel. Cogeneration often replaces the traditional, more inefficient, method of supplying multiple forms of energy such as purchasing electricity from the power grid and separately burning natural gas or oil in a furnace to produce heat or steam.

Rental Power

Air Man United offers, on a rental basis, a wide range of mobile power systems and services to meet your short- and long-term needs. Reliable, cost-effective power solutions anywhere in the Egypt. Whether you need prime power, back up power or standby/peaking power, Air Man United has the solution. Available with skilled assistance, set-up, service and support, on a 24-7 basis.

Energy Solutions

We develop custom solutions to meet your energy needs, whether for combined heat and power, a waste-to-energy plant, continuous power generation or peaking applications. We work with you to develop power plants that combine our centralized "factory" knowledge with our distributors' local knowledge and proximity.

We provide a variety of energy solutions for the gas-fired, mid-power, distributed generation market in the 2 MW to 20 MW range.


Alternative fuels such as landfill gas and bio gas can be burned to generate electric power, making use of an otherwise wasted source of valuable energy. Our low BTU-fueled gas generator sets burn landfill gas and a variety of other low-BTU fuels.

Prime Power

In places where utility power is unavailable, unreliable or very expensive, Air Man United has proven power systems to provide economical and clean base load or prime power for industrial installations or municipalities.

Distributed Generation

Distributed generation (DG) means locating decentralized power plants close to power users. DG systems supply peaking power to a single large customer or add power to a regional transmission system to shore up weaknesses in local power delivery.

Air Man United provides a variety of DG power systems that help utilities defer expensive transmission upgrades and help large customers save money by reducing peak time power costs.

Power Management

If you are a large power user, managing your power use with onsite generators can add significantly to your bottom line. By reducing the risk of power outages and low power quality; and controlling time of day-related power charges; onsite generators become an important business management tool.

Examples of our solutions at work:

•           Data Center & Telecom

•           Retail & Commercial

•           Manufacturing

•           Health Facilities

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